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Case reports
Pancreatic metastasis from malignant phyllodes tumor of the breast
Seung Eun Lee, Young Kyung Bae, Joon Hyuk Choi
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2021;38(1):78-82.   Published online November 27, 2020
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Original articles
Usefulness of intraoperative determination of central lymph node metastasis by palpation in papillary thyroid cancer
Wan Wook Kim, Jeeyeon Lee, Jin Hyang Jung, Ho Yong Park, Won Hwa Kim, Hye Jung Kim, Ji-Young Park, Ralph P. Tufano
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2020;37(4):302-307.   Published online April 22, 2020
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Review articles
Function of hepatocyte growth factor in gastric cancer proliferation and invasion
Sung Ae Koh, Kyung Hee Lee
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2020;37(2):73-78.   Published online February 20, 2020
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Case reports
Rapid progression from trochlear nerve palsy to orbital apex syndrome as an initial presentation of advanced gastric cancer
Eunjung Kong, Sung Ae Koh, Won Jae Kim
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2019;36(2):159-162.   Published online February 15, 2019
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Case Reports
Metastatic eyelid cancer from gastric adenocarcinoma.
Ji Yoon Jung, Eun Joo Goo, Jae Chang Lee, Jay Song, Sung Ae Koh, Kyung Hee Lee, Young Kyung Bae
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2016;33(2):142-145.   Published online December 31, 2016
Pulmonary epithelioid hemangioendothelioma misconceived as pulmonary metastasis of other malignancies.
Gi Tark Noh, Kyoung Ju Lee, Hee Jung Sohn, Kyung Han Lee, Won Seok Heo, Byung Sung Koh, Un Mi Han, Young A Bae
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2016;33(1):72-75.   Published online June 30, 2016
Recurrent acinic cell carcinoma in the parotid gland with cardiac metastasis and hypertrophic osteoarthropathy.
Sung Yun Jung, Dong Won Lee, Min Geun Gu, Tae Hun Kwon, Sung Ae Ko, Joon Hyuk Choi, Jang Won Sohn, Myung Soo Hyun
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2014;31(1):33-37.   Published online June 30, 2014
A Case of Metastatic Hepatocellular Carcinoma of the Orbit.
Young Joo Yang, Seung Hyeon Bae, Il Young Jang, Mi Jung Jun, Ji Won Jung, Ji Hyun An, Ju Hyun Shim
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2013;30(2):152-155.   Published online December 31, 2013
Burnt-out Metastatic Prostate Cancer.
Dong Suk Shin, Dong Hoe Koo, Suhyeon Yoo, Deok Yun Ju, Cheol Min Jang, Kwan Joong Joo, Hyun Chul Shin, Seoung Wan Chae
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2013;30(2):116-119.   Published online December 31, 2013
Paratesticular Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma with Multiple Lymph Nodes Metastasis Successfully Treated with Chemotherapy.
Ha young Lee, Myung Soo Hyun, Kyung Hee Lee, Min Kyoung Kim, Sung Ae Koh, Se Hoon Sohn, Sung Woo Park, Dong Geun Kim, Myung Jin Kim, Hyo Jin Jang, Mi Jin Kim
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2011;28(1):70-76.   Published online June 30, 2011
Original Articles
Cone-Beam CT Image-Guided Radiosurgery of Brain Metastasis : Technical Note and Clinical Application
Sei-One Shin, Sang Mo Yun
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2007;24(2 Suppl):S591-597.   Published online December 31, 2007
The effect of Transarterial Chemoembolization(TAE) on Lung metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
Heon Ju Lee, Jong Ryul Eun, Young Doo Song, Chan Won Park
Yeungnam Univ J Med. 2000;17(1):66-74.   Published online June 30, 2000


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