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Yeungnam University Journal of Medicine 1995;12(2):393-399.
DOI:    Published online December 31, 1995.
A Case reports of a Surgical Correctiona of the Mandibular Retrusion.
Nan Hee Im, Jin Ho Park, Byung Rho Chin, Hee Kyung Lee
Mandibular retrusion showing the facial problem with a marked maxillarry incisors protrusion and chin deficiency, resulting in a highly convex profile is uncommon in Korea.. The large incisor overjet and deep-bite create functional limitations and unpleasing esthetic result. The majority of theses cases are susceptible to correction by orthodontic therapeutic methods. But severe Class II retrognathic cases in which orthodontic treatment alone has not been capable of achieving good results. Orthognathic surgery offers several approaches. In this case, mandibular advancement by bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy and augmentation genioplasty has a special surgical problems. The suprahyoid muscle gorup are lengthened if the body of the mandible is surgically repositioned anteriorly. Instability of results and relapse return to original position shoud predicted during post-surgical muscular readjustment.. To maintain maximum correction with this technique, it is suggested that the mandibular body be well rotated forward at time of surgical intervention and overcorrected anteriory as much as possible. So, the authors report the case with review of concerned literature.
Key Words: Mandibular Advancement, Mandibular Retrusion, Orthognahic Surgery, Relapse


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